Thursday, November 04, 2004

Because was taken

I am now a DOT COM.

How very exciting! (well, to ME anyway).

Check it out.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Annoyed: Because I unknowingly put on The Pants Which Will Not Be Tamed this morning. Otherwise known as The Pants With The Broken Zipper. I keep feeling a draft down there.

Tired: Staying up until 1:30 on a school night only to be horribly disappointed will do that to a girl. Zzzzzz. Hey? Hi!

Reluctant: My Starbucks coffee sleeve informs me that "It's Time for Mistletoe Kisses". It is? I'm not ready.

Confused: I just got a phone call from the director of my office's catering services that I won a mountain bike. Whaaa? Apparently someone put my name in (with a different address and no phone number) and since I am the only Emily _______ in the company, I get the bike. Weird. As I told him, "well, I like presents. I feel I should get them all the time and win all kinds of prizes!" He humored me by laughing. He probably thought I was kidding.

Poofy: Stupid curly flippy-ass hair which WILL NOT BE CONTAINED!

Grumpy: The Global Crackerhead just told me the Democrats & Republicans should get together because really our values and morals aren't different at all. Oh, did he hear that they legalized gay marriage? Because I didn't. Finally I said "I can't talk about this!" and ran away. Idiot.

Ready: To go here and spend too much money. Nothing like retail therapy to cheer yourself up.

Industrious: I think all the blue states should separate and form our own country. Think of all the FABULOUS gay weddings we'll have! Who's with me?


America is scary


I'm so depressed.

Luckily, I never really EXPECTED anything different, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

As Jon Stewart (the only bright spot of last night was The Daily Show) said "it's like a dream I have, where I wake up crying".

See you in four years, when I crawl out from under my bed.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

one more for change

I feel sick with worry and anticipation, my stomach hurts and I just looked at and almost threw up. I am excited and FREAKED OUT.

I wish I understood people who want to vote for Bush, who think he is the safer, smarter, BETTER choice, but I don't. But I don't have to because voting for YOUR choice and your choice to be heard. I know that Kerry will win Massachusetts with or without my vote but I want my number to be there and to show one more person who is not happy with George W. Bush.

It's all I can do, and so I HAPPILY do it.

I'm looking forward to sprinting out of here soon and going to check another box for John Kerry.

I'm anxious for what will greet us all tomorrow.

I'm giddy at the CHANCE for a change. Onward!


Elroy says

Is this what they mean by ballot box??
Image Hosted by

Don't forget to vote! Or I will come and bite you. I BITE YOU IN THE FACE!

Oh, no, come back. I loooove you.

I'm sorry.

Please vote.

Thank you.


Monday, November 01, 2004

did you hear about the Red Sox?

One last Halloween(or "Halloweenie", as Annie likes to say) photo. Pumpkin carving by My Talented Friend John (with way more patience than me).

Image Hosted by

I know, you probably hadn't heard that the Red Sox WON THE WORLD SERIES. It's all very hush-hush.

Almost time to away for the day. It's 4 pm, time for bed!

Tomorrow, my greatest joy or greatest living nightmare comes true. My uterus and I are very worried.


What I dislike

I know. You were ANXIOUSLY awaiting my dislikes. Here you go.

Cottage cheese; pricetags (I must always unstick them from anything I buy. It's my own personal OCD); turtlenecks, dickies, and ascots; people who act superior because they don't have a TV; clocks that are wrong; hearing the same stories over again; people yelling or screaming or generally sucking; John Tesh; Willem Dafoe; the word "gristle"; people who worship their children (like this woman I saw on the train recently who would not stop kissing her son and telling him she loved him and "you are such a good boy!" For over 8 stops she did this! Gah. Shut up!); falling back (as an aside I should point out that yesterday Carl's clock was wrong (!) and he told me it was 4:30. I said "4:30?!? It's COMPLETELY DARK! I'm going to KILL MYSELF!" But then, happily (?) we realized it was 5:15. Which is still not great, but pitch black at 4:30 would have been too much. ANYWAY.); socks; olives; licorice; broken underwire in bras (does this happen to anyone else?); this one date I went on once where the guy wore white jeans; white jeans; oblivious-ness; rudeness (how very Playboy of me. "Turnoffs include: rudeness and people who are fake..."); the smell of gasoline; leg cramps; grapefruit juice; getting up early; those posters people hang up in offices (the ones which have an "inspirational" picture and a giant word like PARTNERSHIP); Dick Cheney (he's a scary monster man!); people who don't understand Secretary; animals wearing clothes; that time I got bus sick in Italy; and, lastly, having to explain that Frank Black is "that guy from the Pixies".


Obligatory Halloween Cuteness

For your enjoyment, Annie and Lucie - both with face paint by yours truly.

I'm Robin! Batman's helper guy!
Annie had a Spiderman costume but in the end she went with being Robin, helper guy to Batman.

I demand to be carried! I am SCARY AND CRABBY!
Lucie is the saddest skeleton in the world!

Strangely enough, she cheered up immensely when she began to receive candy. (She also appears to be wearing a goatee and very large glasses. The makeup was much spookier in real life.)

because I said so