Saturday, October 02, 2004

love for The Man

I am totally enamored of Sitemeter (notice that rainbow/Internet pride button down there on the right) which tells me how many people are visiting my site and where they are coming in from. Yeah, HI, I see you! I know what domain you are logging on from and I know how long you are visiting for. I would say "Damn the Man" but in this instance I am all about the Man. The Man and I are in love! We're getting married and going over the falls in a barrel! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

I have been thinking of all the ways I could make money off this page and become famous and wealthy b/c I don't want to do admin work anymore. It gives me to time to write on this here bloggity blog and work on Metblogs and post on my message board, but I also have to deal with that asshole, the Global Crackerhead and do meaningless, menial things all day long. I'm getting bored of it. I hope this Internet snowball will pick me up and carry me down the mountain, to my lovely cabin with a view and hottub where I drink white russians with my Scotish husband, Hamish. So, to that note I added a bunch of buttons down there next to that Internet pride banner and listed myself on a bunch of blog sites, and added Adsense by Google. I am sure I won't make milllions of dollars but you never know. And as Heather said, I know the price of my soul - I sold it to Google!

More Tuesday. Monday I have the glorious fun of jury duty. Yippity do da.

Peace out. XXX.


Thursday, September 30, 2004

Something to do...

Register to vote!

It's important, and it's your one chance to rock that mofo out of his seat of power. Do it for the children. And the animals. And all that is GOOD and PURE in the UNIVERSE!

Thank you.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mmm. Asteroids.

Not much happening over the last few days except I think I must be premenstral because I JUST CAN'T STOP EATING!

What did you say? Do you want to come a little closer? Yeah, over here. So I can INHALE YOU! Mmm. You taste like chocolate! RRRROWL!

Last night I got home and made pasta and sauce and broccoli. Then I added cheese and salt and drank two glasses of milk. Then later a frappachino bar (which may have contributed to the fact that I did not fall asleep until after midnight. Mmm. Frappachino! Who needs sleep! When you can have COFFEE!). Then later I ate an ice cream sandwich. Wait. Did I eat two of those? I honestly cannot remember. It's my belief that I may have lapsed into some sort of eating coma. I am like one of those sleep walkers who gets up and eats all the food in the house including that old jar of mustard and three sticks of butter. Although, I am worse b/c I am conscious when I eat it and I only forget LATER. Which is AWESOME. I have problems.

Did you hear that there is a giant asteroid which is going to fly by earth tomorrow? I read that we should be happy it's only brushing by us and we are "very fortunate there won't be an impact, as the asteroid is large enough to cause global devastation". Well, um... okay. I don't like to even hear about the POSSIBILITY of global devastation. And that we should be HAPPY it is only brushing by us. They say they actually don't really KNOW FOR SURE the path it will take but they have a PRETTY GOOD IDEA. Well. Good. I guess. They are saying it is not going to come close to us but that is still FUCKING SCARY. I don't want to think about running for my life from tsunami's and flying asteroids. I just don't. I didn't see that stupid movie this summer with Dennis Quaid about the end of the world. What was it called? Oh yeah, The Day After Everyone Else is Dead and We Have to Run for Our Mother Fucking Lives While You Sit There Eating Popcorn.

Awesome. Anyway. So food = yay. Big rocks flying through space right past us = nay.

I have an idea, - maybe if the rock flies close enough to my HUGE ASS MOUTH and BOTTOMLESS PIT OF A STOMACH, I can INHALE IT and that will SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THE UNIVERSE!!

I love when things come together.

because I said so