Friday, October 22, 2004

Things I hate # 2

The fact that it is 4:45 on a Friday and I should be THRILLED (elated! Overjoyed!) but instead I am sad because Friday afternoon = no Internet for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

What IS a girl to do?


Elroy says

are you talkin' to me?


I'm so sleepy. I can't even lift up my head. Zzzzz...


It's Friday?


Wake me up on the weekend....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....



I am kind of bummed today because last week I saw a form which lead me to believe my job here, as a contractor, (which - let's face it - is a fancy word for TEMP) would be turning permanent soon. Speaking to my boss on the phone on Wednesday, he told me it was for a new position being created, also reporting to him and sitting in the office with me.

It doesn't mean I WON'T become permanent, and it could even happen SOON, but I am still sad kind of. They have money in the budget for a NEW person but not for me? Who has been here for five months? Everyone says they really like me, blah blah blah, but still...just a temp! Feh.

At least it is Friday. Finally. Another long week, over.

I think I will go watch some Making Fiends to cheer myself up.


The Friday Five

1. How much TV do you watch?
I probably watch about five hours of TV a day. I turn it on when I get home and putz around and then watch something at night until I go to bed. Less on the weekends.

2. What is your favorite type of programming?
What does this mean? My favorite type of programming? Um, GOOD programming? I guess if I think about it, I watch more dramas than anything else. Is that what they mean?

3. What is your favorite TV show?
I am trying to think of one show I MUST WATCH and I am having trouble. Nothing is crucial the way Buffy or Alias used to be. I really like NYPD Blue and Without a Trace. Other than that, everything is pretty replaceable. Some shows I like a lot are Everwood, Scrubs, Boston Legal (for the Spader) and Arrested Development.

4. Do you watch a TV show from beginning to end, or are you a flipper?
My remote is broken (how archaic!) and so I watch things beginning to end. Especially b/c if I lay on the couch, the fat cat comes and lies on me and I am trapped.

5. Could you give up TV for a month?
Yeah. I have done it before. I would miss the zoning out factor but with TWoP, I could catch up on everything. Don't you DARE ask me to give up the Internet though! HORRORS!


Thursday, October 21, 2004

My perfect timing

I didn't watch the Sox game last night because I just can't take all the suspense and drama. But I did turn it on a few times, just to see what was happening.

At one point I turned it on just in time to see Johnny Damon hit his grand slam! Image Hosted by

So, not only am I a Fairweather Fan, I am a Fairweather Fan with Awesome Timing.

I am skeptical that Boston even knows how to react to something THIS HAPPY. How can we function unless our tiny hearts are CRUSHED INTO A MILLION PIECES?!?

I guess we'll have to find a way!


Elroy says

Image Hosted by

Why is it not Friday yet? Will it be Friday if I look at it this way? Are you sure? Why do you hurt me so? Don't you love me?






Wednesday, October 20, 2004

small children trust me

Here is a REAL response I got to a personal ad (yes, I put a personal ad up. We'll see what happens. I am skeptical but you never know). I think this is so fabulous, sweet and strange, yet I can't bring myself to reply. Read on:

i am adoring of books and films which make me think, lush music, fluffy things
and nice legs. i enjoy an occasional cocktail, or other mood-altering
imbibement, but am addicted to inhaling sushi until my stomach visibly distends
[ew], and smooching soft lips into the wee hours
of the eve [hee!]. i love
my family and all animals. i am capricious, affectionate, spiritual and
sometimes, solemn. small children trust me.

i can't wait to have little childies [who?] of my own. though, i admit, i am hampered a bit, by the lack of a dear wife. but, i am a patient, young lad. ther's still lots to

cool. solid. righteous. say likewise if i have intrigued even
the most tender morsel of your delicate soul.

I don't think I am the girl for him. My soul is not delicate and last I checked, no tender morsels here.

"Tender morsels" reminds me of chicken, and I am not sure why...


Sars has a lovely thing up about voting, which I totally and completely agree with. Last night I read that only something like 1 in 5 women under 30 voted in 2000. And look where that got us!

Anyway, VOTE. Do it for your bodies. Do it for your daughters. Do it for your gay friends.

They're all counting on you.


Hump Day

I have always hated the word HUMP. I don't know why. It's one of those words that just sits there. Other words I can't stand are: gristle, scabies, scab, shingles, hunk, chalk, and funky. They just SOUND gross, not to mention they all kind of ARE gross. Well, chalk isn't gross. But the word just kind of lingers in your throat when you say it. CH-A-LK. It makes me want to cough or something.

So, Hump Day. It's just weird! What are we supposed to do? I have visions of hopping on someone's leg and going to town! 'Woo! It's Hump Day!' I get it, we are on the hump of the week. Blah blah blah. I don't care if it SORT OF makes sense, I still don't like it.

As for the word HUNK - I hate when boys are described as a 'hunk'. Because what? A hunk is a PILE OF SOMETHING. It's not attractive. It's like a hunk of cheese. A side of beef. It's not SEXY.


Miss Alli has a great/true post up today about the Red Sox. I would like to say that I am optimistic about it, but I kind of fear the worst. As she says, they always seem to make it the MOST PAINFUL LOSS possible and then we are all DEVASTATED and left weeping into our overpriced Red Sox hats and giant foam fingers. I hope they can do it. We are a City of Hope right now, and we are united in a dream. Go, Sox!

In other news, someone found my little blog by searching for "sipowitz stalker nypd blue". Who searches for this? What were they looking for exactly? What did they hope to learn? I am so curious. Was it YOU?

Enjoy your Hump (ew) Day.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Ballad of Elroy

Why, hello.
Image Hosted by

I am Elroy.

I am 6 years old. I think. Sometimes I act like I am seven or four and sometimes I just don't know. You can ask my mom.

I love emery boards. I think they are fabulous. I bite them - they are delicious. Mmm, nail files.

Come here, I'll rub my gums on you!

Hey! Where are you going?

I'll follow you in the bathroom. My beds in there, you know?
Image Hosted by
This is MY room.

Why are you shutting the door? I can open the door.
Image Hosted by
Hello!?! Rudeness!

I can jump very high in the air. It's true. I will only jump for tinsel balls. If you throw some OTHER kind of ball, I will just sit there and stare at you. I deserve SPARKLES and TINSEL! Anything less is RIDICULOUS! I will not dignify that rubber ball with even a GLANCE OF INTEREST. Puh-leeeze.

What are you working on? Are you trying to read something? Can I see it? What is it? Can I help? I think I could lay on that.
Image Hosted by

Did you bring that paper bag home for me? Or even better, is it a BOX? Boxes RULE! But don't try to pet me in there. In the box, I become invincible! I am The King of The Box!
Image Hosted by

When you come in the bathroom at night, you will wonder where I am. I'm not in my bed.

Or in the window I like to sit in.

No, I'll mix it up. I am in the sink! The sink is a great bed for me! My fat butt BARELY FITS in there! I love it! Viva, the bathroom sink! Try it! It's AWESOME! It confuses everyone!

If I lay on my back with my stomach in the air, aren't I cute?
Image Hosted by
You would think that means I want you to pet me on my belly, right? Well, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!
Image Hosted by

Oh... wait. I'm sorry.

Please don't leave.

I love you. Pet me again. Aren't I beautiful? Are you going to pet my belly?


. . .

Oh no. I did it again.

I'm so ashamed.

I love you.
Image Hosted by

Let's never fight again.


Things I love # 1

Free food left over from meetings.

Mmm. Cookies.


Things I hate # 1

People in meetings or on conference calls who do not shut their doors.




Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday... again

Mug's son asked her recently "is the weekend ALWAYS ONLY TWO DAYS?" and burst into tears. It should be noted, he's 6 years old. It's going to be a long time of ONLY TWO DAY weekends for him. He also asked if they could "just go on vacation for the whole winter". To that I say;

Word, baby, WORD.

It is really starting to get colder now. I open my door when I get home at night so that Elroy can sit by the screen and pretty soon, I am slamming it shut again and putting on more clothes. Yesterday my dad and I drove around and peeped at leaves and pumpkins and peoples seasonal Holiday flags - featuring happy ghosts and candy corn with faces. Food should not have a faces, in case you were wondering (also that brings me to a pet peeve of mine - what is UP with food in commercials that is singing and dancing around and jumping into dishes to be microwaved? Don't you know IT IS NOT GOING TO END WELL, Happy Pasta People?).

ANYWAY. So, colder. I don't mind that SO MUCH, it doesn't make me want to break down in tears the way that other thing does. Because OH IT IS PAINFUL.

I am talking about Falling Back, and, in case you were wondering, it is Slowly Killing Me. Oh, I just HATE IT with the FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Suns that go dark at 4 PM b/c we have fallen back and now it is just so dark I might as well sit inside and eat and watch Everwood and NEVER COME OUTSIDE AGAIN because OH MY GOD IT IS SO DARK!


As I was saying. Falling back? Hate. It.

This is going to be a slow-ish week for me because all three bosses are in various states of traveling and away-ness. I hope I can get some of my work done, but I also have to make a CD compilation for the FB.netters and try to do some more writing. I have grand ideas and copious ideas about ALL THE THINGS I WILL DO! But, we'll see what I have ACTUALLY DONE when Friday rolls around. But, now I have written about it, so perhaps that will inspire me. Oh, Internet, do your worst!

Lastly, I got a very sweet email from Gabrielle over at Soleberry today. I have linked to the site in my PRETTY (oh so pretty!) section and somehow she found me and wrote me a nice note. It was such a lovely thing to come in to on a Monday morning, it cheered me up immensely. God bless the Internet! I guess it would be rude to write back and say "I LOVE PRETTY PAPER AND do you know what I also love? THINGS THAT ARE FREE!!"

Of course, I would never do that. I am much too polite.

because I said so