Friday, September 24, 2004

This article is about how Cynthia Nixon is apparently now dating a woman. I think it's fabulous if she is happy and it must be hard to deal with anything in public like that - subject to peoples scrutiny, not to mention posting on their blogs about who you are sleeping with/dating/loving, etc.

I always thought Anne Heche made some wonderful/smart points about being in love with the person and not the WOMAN/MAN thing when she was with Ellen Degeneres. Then she was found in her underwear talking to aliens and her overall credibility seemed somehow shot.

So maybe Cynthia Nixon can give a better/smarter/less batshit crazy voice to just being yourself. I know Miranda would be proud.


The Friday Five

1) If you came upon a time machine, where would you go? Would you alter anything? Why?

Two things spring to mind. I would like to go to my parents wedding - just to see how cute they were and them as a couple, which I have seen but don't remember. Plus, they were 21 and I wonder what they were like then.

The other is I would like to go back to a time when I was 15 and about to kiss a boy I was madly in love with at the time, but I got so freaked out I literally RAN AWAY. In a way, things haven't really changed that much.

2) If you managed to capture the Questing Beast, an odd combination of animal forms that is said to know the answers to all questions, what one question would you ask it? Would the answer change anything?

I think I would ask it about if I will end up happy. I just want to know that at the end, my life was a good/happy one. And I try to make it that way - so I guess it wouldn't really change anything, I might just try harder.

3) You've found yourself a rather obedient genie in a bottle. Make your three wishes. Why, out of everything you could ask for, do these three win out?

Three wishes: a frillion dollars, a house in Capri, and to die together with everyone I love all at once when we are 150 years old.

4) Someone presents you with a working voodoo doll. Do you use it? On who, why, and to what purpose?

I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. I might make them dance around though (at inappropriate times) cause that would be funny, and therefore, awesome.

5) Pick a superpower, any superpower. What and why? How would this change your life?

I would like to fly. It would be cool, and it would save on travel expenses.


Monday, September 20, 2004

Thoughts for Monday

The Emmy's were okay last night - although I don't really get why they have to keep the winners speeches down to 30 seconds (or whatever it is. Seriously? A minute? I don't know) so that they can have all this time for COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS skits involving Ray Romano and Gary Shandling holding their dicks in the bathroom. What is this, gay dork porn or something? Jee-bus.

I was kind of excited about the wins of Drea DeMatteo and Mary Louise Parker and Cynthia Nixon. She was always my favorite character on Sex and the City. Her story seemed the most true to me (second is Charlotte looking for the "perfect" man and falling in love with her hairy backed bald lawyer, because HA! isn't that always the way?) and she always made me cry and laugh the most.

I jumped up and down and clapped when James Spader won - which, well, I knew I liked him but who knew it would illicit that reaction? He' s just so amazingly awesome in general (see: Secretary. No, SERIOUSLY, go see it. Right now. I'll wait for you) - and on the Practice he regularly hypnotized me and put me into a trance so deep I would often suddenly realize that I had forgotten to breathe. That's good acting, folks.

I'm also glad about Arrested Development winning best comedy b/c with Frasier and Sex both ending I figured one of them would certainly win, for nostalgia reasons and all that hooey. But Arrested Development is SUCH A GOOD SHOW - and I loved when the creator suggested "so, why don't we watch it?" I hope Fox will get off its ass and stop promoting shite like North Shore and start promoting the one good show it actually has. I mean, I love it, and I am still not sure when it is on.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts about people I don't know winning things they possibly don't deserve. Just what famous people need - MORE ACCOLADES!

because I said so