Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Things I love # 3

NYPD Blue.

It is not really a THING, it's a show, and I have mentioned it before but I was just thinking about it for like 10 minutes, and that must mean love.

I remember when Jimmy Smits character died and I was sobbing. Like HEAVING SOBS OF SADNESS. And, I sobbed all the way up the stairs to the bathroom and I sobbed in the shower. SOBS!! They killed Bobby! The part that got me was that he was hallucinating (from the fact that he was DYING, y'all) and he visualized himself on his roof with his pigeons (yes, he raised homing pigeons. I don't know why) and he was laying there and looked up to see Dennis Franz and all of the squad (excuse me while I bust out the cop terminology. Later I might "kick him to the curb") were there looking down at him. Did I mention? SOB!?

Also, that other time I sobbed was when they killed off Dennis Franz's son and he came in to the hospital and PICKED HIM UP OFF THE GUIRNEY all while CRYING ("look what they did to my boy!") and then, you know... SOBS.

Yeah, so, they tend to kill people off.

But it is also a show which makes me LAUGH regularly (and not at the people dying. Mostly b/c everyone is crabby and therefore funny. Crabby is funny! You heard it here first), and the writing is really good. I know some people gave up on it after all the cast changes (David "Everything I say is in the form of a question, isn't it?" Caruso! Gail "I'm on American Dreams Now" O'Grady! Kim "I'm not drunk right now, I swear" Delainey!) but it's in it's last season now and it's really good again. I promise! So, try it. You don't have to commit. In May, it will be OVER.

All that said, tonight Sipowitz gets SHOT! I am not looking forward to that.

Did people not hear me when I said it would be BAD NEWS to mess with Sprouts!?

because I said so