Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Slump Day

How can it only be Wednesday? This week has been going on SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME and I am tired, tired, TIRED.

Mug had our Girls Night last night, which was fun. My favorite part was watching the rerun of CSI in which a teenager was eaten (yes, eaten) by her friends on PCP. Yum! "What's for dinner?" "Cathy!" "Great, she always looks SO DELICIOUS!" Heh.

Then I ran home and turned on NYPD Blue, in it's very last season. Can we have a Moment of Silence please for how much I love Dennis Franz? LOVE! I don't know what it is about him, his character is kind of an ass, but he always just makes me want to cry and laugh, his delivery is always so perfect (delivery? What am I, an acting student? Well, anyway) and if I saw him on the street I would JUST HAVE TO hug him. "I'm so sorry your wife/partner/other partner and son all died!"

Anyway, now Andy Sipowitz (the character he plays and which my spellcheck wants to change to Sprouts - hee) has a stalker and it BETTER NOT TURN OUT BADLY for him or THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY! No one messes with Sprouts!

Now I am getting all violent and stuff. LOOK OUT!

Also? The kid who plays his son?

So. Very. Cute.

Mereubu sent me this today. So random! So funny! I love the part about Elvis sitting up and starting to sing because... what? Did he think he was in a movie or something? It's so bizarre!

In Global Crackerhead news, my boss apparently told my co-worker he (GC that is) is "like the absent minded professor" and also "incompetent". See, the good people always win. At least in my world.

On that note, debate #3 tonight. I hope GW fucks it up again. I don't understand the people who are saying he did BETTER in the last debate. Did they not see it? "Internets"?? Also, the LEAPING OFF THE CHAIR and the EXCESSIVE WHINING. Oh, yes, you are President, it is SO HARD. Please, shut up and go away. I will not miss you. I guess if we are grading on a curve, then he did slightly better than the first debate in which he moaned about the hardness and seeing the war on his TV. I swear to God, he is a MORON. I want to think you would have to be REMOTELY SMART to be President, but that just doesn't seem to be true.

I miss Bill. Say what you will, but he is a smarty. About the OFFICE THINGS. Not smart where his penis was (is?) concerned, I know. Bitch all you like, but at least he was FUN. All GW is is dumb.

And, I think, having minor strokes all the time, because WHAT IS WITH THE BLINKING??

Enjoy the show! XXX.

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