Monday, November 01, 2004

What I dislike

I know. You were ANXIOUSLY awaiting my dislikes. Here you go.

Cottage cheese; pricetags (I must always unstick them from anything I buy. It's my own personal OCD); turtlenecks, dickies, and ascots; people who act superior because they don't have a TV; clocks that are wrong; hearing the same stories over again; people yelling or screaming or generally sucking; John Tesh; Willem Dafoe; the word "gristle"; people who worship their children (like this woman I saw on the train recently who would not stop kissing her son and telling him she loved him and "you are such a good boy!" For over 8 stops she did this! Gah. Shut up!); falling back (as an aside I should point out that yesterday Carl's clock was wrong (!) and he told me it was 4:30. I said "4:30?!? It's COMPLETELY DARK! I'm going to KILL MYSELF!" But then, happily (?) we realized it was 5:15. Which is still not great, but pitch black at 4:30 would have been too much. ANYWAY.); socks; olives; licorice; broken underwire in bras (does this happen to anyone else?); this one date I went on once where the guy wore white jeans; white jeans; oblivious-ness; rudeness (how very Playboy of me. "Turnoffs include: rudeness and people who are fake..."); the smell of gasoline; leg cramps; grapefruit juice; getting up early; those posters people hang up in offices (the ones which have an "inspirational" picture and a giant word like PARTNERSHIP); Dick Cheney (he's a scary monster man!); people who don't understand Secretary; animals wearing clothes; that time I got bus sick in Italy; and, lastly, having to explain that Frank Black is "that guy from the Pixies".

because I said so