Tuesday, November 02, 2004

one more for change

I feel sick with worry and anticipation, my stomach hurts and I just looked at CNN.com and almost threw up. I am excited and FREAKED OUT.

I wish I understood people who want to vote for Bush, who think he is the safer, smarter, BETTER choice, but I don't. But I don't have to because voting for YOUR choice and your choice to be heard. I know that Kerry will win Massachusetts with or without my vote but I want my number to be there and to show one more person who is not happy with George W. Bush.

It's all I can do, and so I HAPPILY do it.

I'm looking forward to sprinting out of here soon and going to check another box for John Kerry.

I'm anxious for what will greet us all tomorrow.

I'm giddy at the CHANCE for a change. Onward!

because I said so