Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Annoyed: Because I unknowingly put on The Pants Which Will Not Be Tamed this morning. Otherwise known as The Pants With The Broken Zipper. I keep feeling a draft down there.

Tired: Staying up until 1:30 on a school night only to be horribly disappointed will do that to a girl. Zzzzzz. Hey? Hi!

Reluctant: My Starbucks coffee sleeve informs me that "It's Time for Mistletoe Kisses". It is? I'm not ready.

Confused: I just got a phone call from the director of my office's catering services that I won a mountain bike. Whaaa? Apparently someone put my name in (with a different address and no phone number) and since I am the only Emily _______ in the company, I get the bike. Weird. As I told him, "well, I like presents. I feel I should get them all the time and win all kinds of prizes!" He humored me by laughing. He probably thought I was kidding.

Poofy: Stupid curly flippy-ass hair which WILL NOT BE CONTAINED!

Grumpy: The Global Crackerhead just told me the Democrats & Republicans should get together because really our values and morals aren't different at all. Oh, did he hear that they legalized gay marriage? Because I didn't. Finally I said "I can't talk about this!" and ran away. Idiot.

Ready: To go here and spend too much money. Nothing like retail therapy to cheer yourself up.

Industrious: I think all the blue states should separate and form our own country. Think of all the FABULOUS gay weddings we'll have! Who's with me?

because I said so