Monday, October 11, 2004

You can't spell CLASSY without ASS

Member when Britney Spears was kind of cute?

She could never really sing very well (aside from that one performance on Star Search where she belted it out in her big dress/big hair/big 11 year old screechy way) but she used to be kind of fashionable and interesting.

I think.

I remember one time she didn't overaccessorize - that period when she didn't add every trashy weird thing to her outfit that she possibly could. That time when she wasn't seen in a weird trucker cap with some saying on it like the one she recently bought at a gas station which said (her mother must be so proud. Although... her mother is rolling around in all that Fame Money so she couldn't care less) "SHUT UP AND DO ME".

Anyway, in case you were worried, the train wreck continues.

And it's kind of awesome.

Rock on, Britney.

because I said so