Friday, October 29, 2004

What I like

I love the part of High Fidelity (the movie. Not the also great book. Although it may have been part of the book too, I did read it, I just don't remember b/c I haven't seen it four times like I have the movie) where John Cusack says it isn't what you ARE like that matters but what you actually like. So, here are my likes. Judge for yourself! (soon to follow, my dislikes).

Sephora; Vente non-fat lattes; margaritas; things "on the rocks"; Tostitos with lime; boys who play drums; kids with UK accents; geekiness; freckles; red shoes (which is a bone of contention with Pinky b/c she HATES them. I think she had her feet bound in her last life or something); my digital camera; starfish, high tide, rocks; street fairs; Swedish fish (many of my things are junk food. How come?); extra sharp cheddar cheese (my last food thing, I swear); the sound of crunching snow; baby elephants (cutest thing ever. Ohmigod, the CUTENESS!); this rearview mirror thing I have on my monitor so I don't always have to crane my head around to see who's stalking me; the first sign of leaves on the trees, that lovely limey color; walking home late at night in January when it is super dark, cold, and quiet; Magic Hat fortunes; this drink mix called Emer'gen-C that I first drank when I lived in California; riding over the Charles on the train every morning; and lately, the Mama's and the Papa's.

Things I have an inexplicable burning love for:
The smell of dryer sheets and clean laundry in general; clouds; thunder and lightning; lip gloss; my leather bag with the tortoise shell handles; Elroy's pink nose; James Spader; vodka and cranberry; my $5 dress I got at Portebello Market; The Dark End of the Street; my rock collection; and Boots the Chemist.

because I said so