Tuesday, October 12, 2004

web log = blog = where did all my time go?

I already did the sites I visit every day but I should also list all the lovely blogs I check out every day. Blogs are sites too!

Already mentioned Dooce. I was telling my dad about her on Sunday. He was in stiches over the fact that she said she would have to stop regularly snorting coke lines off her baby's belly. Hee. Violent humor is the best kind.

Fresh Hell. Kim is one of my favorite Television Without Pity writers. She is awesome!

Pamie. I heart Pamie. She's the mom of Cal. Hi! HI! Cal for President!

AB Chao is making people laugh right now. You could be one of them.

I mentioned Miss Doxie before too. But I will mention her again - OH YES I WILL!

Miss Allison is a smart lady. She's pretty funny too.

Sars and Tomato Nation were one of the first sites I read regularly back in the Digitas days. Oh, those were some good times. She is still very funny. And smart. Also, do you know where Don is?

The other Sarah is pretty cool and she is The Birthday Hulk. Look out, she might kick your ass.

because I said so