Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday blather

I posted a very long entry yesterday about my five favorite things and then when I went to post it, it was mysteriously and OH SO TRAGICALLY lost. Gone forever into the Internet void. Where do these posts and lost emails vanish to? I think they are sitting in a pile with lost socks, umbrellas, and those lost keys you can never seem to find.

Last night Pinky and I watched Americas Next Top Model and talked during every commercial break. I think what cracks me up most about that show is the way Tyra acts like modeling will save the world. She got so mad at the one (now eliminated) girl when it became clear she wanted to use modeling as a stepping stone. Unheard of! No, I have NEVER heard of models becoming ANYTHING ELSE, like actresses, or photographers, or, UM, I don't know - WANNA BE SINGERS, have YOU, Tyra?


I left work at 3:30 yesterday. After becoming very bitchy to the Global Crackerhead and then having to deal with scheduling an interview candidate for tomorrow, I can't even remember when the last time I did any of MY work was. But I was so tired and I think I am a bit run down by last week and the stress of things here lately, so I just left. Luckily, my paycheck was waiting for me so then I went and bought new shampoo and nail stuff and two magazines which I flipped through but will probably never read. Anyway, the only thing which got me to work today was the knowledge that I could get a giant latte at Starbucks once I got off the train. And I am nursing that puppy for as long as I can. Dear Vente Vanilla Skim Latte, I love you. Thank you for being there for me. Love, Emily

I think it is fall again now. For real. I have to go through my clothes this weekend and pull out the fall sweaters and ill fitting pants. Hurrah. What is it about pants? I can never find a pair that is cute and I ALWAYS have to hem them. Damn short legs. I curse thee! My project this weekend is to phase out the summer things (wah) and phase in the fall ones. My t-shirt drawer is frightening. I swear I am going to look in there one day and find a criminal hiding out or a small person who is made of cotton. "Oh, Hi. I've just been sitting in here forming myself out of your YMCA staff shirt from fifteen years ago and this Babaloo shirt you got for free in 1997. Don't mind me."

So, perhaps I will go shopping this weekend too. Cute pants are my Holy Grail and I know they are out there somewhere. They are bootcut, they are fabulous, and the legs aren't too long.

I have a dream.

because I said so