Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things I love # 4

Big ass sunglasses.

Currently my heart belongs to these:

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(Wow! It's sunny today! Thank God I have my BIG ASS SUNGLASSES! And WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY HAIR? I look like Anthony Kiedis with his new Sonny Bono bob! Pretty! And I am holding my bag on my shoulder like That Girl! I am Marlo Thomas/Sonny Bono-Kiedis IN DISGUISE! Also, I am slightly concerned about the fact that I seem to have no lips, or a fourth of my regular lips. Where did they go? They took a lot of my nose with them.)

I got these sunglasses along with another identical (although tortoise shell pair, for mixing things up) GARGANTUAN pair two years ago. But with time, and my undying love, they are now kind scratched and generally beat up and I am a sad pony. I love my huge glasses! They disguise my GIANT FACE! The better to EAT YOU WITH!

Miss Fussy has some awesome glasses. I covet them. I wrote her a rabid fan letter demanding to know where she got them ("I MUST HAVE THEM FOR MY VERY OWN!") and she was nice enough to write me back but I can't seem to find THOSE anywhere on-line. I may have to take this battle to the streets. It's scary out there. I will have to protect my eyes.

With giant scratched glasses!

It's HORRIBLE! My glasses are all scratched and I can't see! What's next? Eating Ramen noodles by the heat of the gas stove? Walking up hill in the snow, without shoes? LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER?

The battle rages on.

I need help! Warriors on my quest for the holy glasses. If anyone knows where I can find GIANT GLASSES please email me.

I plan to be very Corey Heart about it.

I'll wear them at night. So I can, so I can, watch you live and breath your storylines.

(Um, what does that even MEAN?)

because I said so