Monday, October 25, 2004

Things I love # 2

I have gotten a bunch of fabulous emails in the last week and the latest one I got (just now!) was from the writer of STIFF (click the link to the right, fools!) a book I madly loved.

It only takes a second to tell someone "I loved what you did" or "you are fabulous!" but I don't feel like we do it enough. I have been trying to do it more lately, to use this silly Internet world to reach out to people I admire just to let them know THAT. And it is unexpected and exciting when I actually hear something back.

So, in conclusion: People are nice! Emails are easy to write! Send one to someone you like today!
Google their name, and I bet you can find contact info. Drop them a cheerful line, and tell them they done good.

Rock on.

because I said so