Wednesday, October 20, 2004

small children trust me

Here is a REAL response I got to a personal ad (yes, I put a personal ad up. We'll see what happens. I am skeptical but you never know). I think this is so fabulous, sweet and strange, yet I can't bring myself to reply. Read on:

i am adoring of books and films which make me think, lush music, fluffy things
and nice legs. i enjoy an occasional cocktail, or other mood-altering
imbibement, but am addicted to inhaling sushi until my stomach visibly distends
[ew], and smooching soft lips into the wee hours
of the eve [hee!]. i love
my family and all animals. i am capricious, affectionate, spiritual and
sometimes, solemn. small children trust me.

i can't wait to have little childies [who?] of my own. though, i admit, i am hampered a bit, by the lack of a dear wife. but, i am a patient, young lad. ther's still lots to

cool. solid. righteous. say likewise if i have intrigued even
the most tender morsel of your delicate soul.

I don't think I am the girl for him. My soul is not delicate and last I checked, no tender morsels here.

"Tender morsels" reminds me of chicken, and I am not sure why...

because I said so