Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday... again

Mug's son asked her recently "is the weekend ALWAYS ONLY TWO DAYS?" and burst into tears. It should be noted, he's 6 years old. It's going to be a long time of ONLY TWO DAY weekends for him. He also asked if they could "just go on vacation for the whole winter". To that I say;

Word, baby, WORD.

It is really starting to get colder now. I open my door when I get home at night so that Elroy can sit by the screen and pretty soon, I am slamming it shut again and putting on more clothes. Yesterday my dad and I drove around and peeped at leaves and pumpkins and peoples seasonal Holiday flags - featuring happy ghosts and candy corn with faces. Food should not have a faces, in case you were wondering (also that brings me to a pet peeve of mine - what is UP with food in commercials that is singing and dancing around and jumping into dishes to be microwaved? Don't you know IT IS NOT GOING TO END WELL, Happy Pasta People?).

ANYWAY. So, colder. I don't mind that SO MUCH, it doesn't make me want to break down in tears the way that other thing does. Because OH IT IS PAINFUL.

I am talking about Falling Back, and, in case you were wondering, it is Slowly Killing Me. Oh, I just HATE IT with the FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Suns that go dark at 4 PM b/c we have fallen back and now it is just so dark I might as well sit inside and eat and watch Everwood and NEVER COME OUTSIDE AGAIN because OH MY GOD IT IS SO DARK!


As I was saying. Falling back? Hate. It.

This is going to be a slow-ish week for me because all three bosses are in various states of traveling and away-ness. I hope I can get some of my work done, but I also have to make a CD compilation for the FB.netters and try to do some more writing. I have grand ideas and copious ideas about ALL THE THINGS I WILL DO! But, we'll see what I have ACTUALLY DONE when Friday rolls around. But, now I have written about it, so perhaps that will inspire me. Oh, Internet, do your worst!

Lastly, I got a very sweet email from Gabrielle over at Soleberry today. I have linked to the site in my PRETTY (oh so pretty!) section and somehow she found me and wrote me a nice note. It was such a lovely thing to come in to on a Monday morning, it cheered me up immensely. God bless the Internet! I guess it would be rude to write back and say "I LOVE PRETTY PAPER AND do you know what I also love? THINGS THAT ARE FREE!!"

Of course, I would never do that. I am much too polite.

because I said so