Saturday, October 02, 2004

love for The Man

I am totally enamored of Sitemeter (notice that rainbow/Internet pride button down there on the right) which tells me how many people are visiting my site and where they are coming in from. Yeah, HI, I see you! I know what domain you are logging on from and I know how long you are visiting for. I would say "Damn the Man" but in this instance I am all about the Man. The Man and I are in love! We're getting married and going over the falls in a barrel! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

I have been thinking of all the ways I could make money off this page and become famous and wealthy b/c I don't want to do admin work anymore. It gives me to time to write on this here bloggity blog and work on Metblogs and post on my message board, but I also have to deal with that asshole, the Global Crackerhead and do meaningless, menial things all day long. I'm getting bored of it. I hope this Internet snowball will pick me up and carry me down the mountain, to my lovely cabin with a view and hottub where I drink white russians with my Scotish husband, Hamish. So, to that note I added a bunch of buttons down there next to that Internet pride banner and listed myself on a bunch of blog sites, and added Adsense by Google. I am sure I won't make milllions of dollars but you never know. And as Heather said, I know the price of my soul - I sold it to Google!

More Tuesday. Monday I have the glorious fun of jury duty. Yippity do da.

Peace out. XXX.

because I said so