Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Help, I can't stop reading Melanie Griffiths website.

A sample quote from Melanie (from the section For The Record, where she apparently answers all sorts of tabloid reports. Doesn't she have to WORK at all? Or does she just stay home all day drinking wine, popping pills, and reading her own press? Wait, don't answer that.)

"Antonio has beautiful, thick, and natural hair. I should know, I run my fingers through it all the time. [Wait, the hair on his head or his chest hair? Ew.] And for the record, I would never, suggest that he get hair transplants. "


My favorite part of the site is when suddenly her own voice comes on and says things like "the truth, straight from me to you" or "welcome to the magic door".

It's so weird! She's crazy! She's chalk full of nuts! I think she keeps them in her GIGANTIC LIPS.

because I said so