Thursday, October 07, 2004

Everyday sites

Bored at work and was randomly clicking through the sites I visit regularly - here is a list:

Fug Blog. Most of you blogger peeps already know this one but oh, sooooo funny. I am clicking on them every couple hours to see if they updated yet.

Television Without Pity - I am a TV head girl so I just love this site. I heart the snark.

Fametracker. Always worth reading. Sometimes I peruse the archives just to see what I have missed.

Engrish. Another good one to look at the archives of. I know there are things I have missed. Plus, they post a new photo every day. His captions are half the fun.

CNN. Yeah, sometimes I actually read the news. Shocking, I know.

Dooce. Miss Dooce at least ads a photo every day and she generally does more than that. She's a damn funny lady. I *virtually* bow at her feet.

Google. You know them, you love them. I am there a few times a day searching for something. Last thing I looked for was an image of a poppy. I am considering getting that for tattoo #5.

Fotolog. I have my own flog there but I also check out a bunch of others every day. You could spend hours and days looking there. It seemingly goes on forever.

Later I'll do shopping sites and other things I love. There are more in my little sidebar there, but I feel those are sometimes neglected. Sorry, kids. I love you all equally. I promise.

Is this day over yet? YAWN.

Happy clicking!

because I said so