Monday, October 25, 2004

An entry in which I ramble. A lot.

I can't complain because all three bosses are gone and I came in at 10:30 today. Awesome.

It was a good weekend. I missed you, Internet!

I started the weekend off by getting drunkity, drunk, DRUNK at Delaine and Fred's going away party, which was sadder than I thought it would be. Delaine and Fred ARE LEAVING! It's very sad! I think I was in denial about it or something cause standing there listening to people toasting them and saying they loved them and (possibly in my above mentioned state of DRUNKENNESS) I was like "I love them too! I love them lots!" Oh, the SADNESS!

But, it was also pretty fun. All my people were there, and at the end of the night I was sitting there looking at Delaine opening presents and my dad and Elaine smooshed together in a chair and I had that thing where you just want to FREEZE THE MOMENT and stop everything because you are happy and alive and with people you love. And perhaps because you are drunk.

Then I went home and barfed. Fun!

I think throwing up helps the hangover factor because the next day I felt FINE other than being tired. So, listen up drunks, THROWING UP IS GOOD!

Saturday night I babysat for Annie, Luc, and Ellery and that was fun. I was not drunk because I am a responsible adult in charge of small children! (no snickering in the back) Those are some funny kids. Ellery got his face painted earlier at Fenway park and I took a picture of him with my phone (he ASKED me to take his picture! He hates getting his picture taken! It was MONUMENTOUS!) and it didn't come out great, but here it is.
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It kinda looks like he has some kind of weird rash, but NO, that is face paint. He went to bed with it on and hopefully it has since come off. He wouldn't let me wash it off, I tried! I swear!

Yesterday I had coffee with Delaine (who is LEAVING! SADNESS!) and walked around and went home and cleaned and dyed my hair. It is supposed to be a dark brown with highlights, and it kind of seemed coppery, brassy and red. Oh well. Because I didn't want to stress it out with styling today, I skipped my initial Beating It Into Submission (otherwise known as straightening it) and so it's all poofy and big today. Here is a picture I just took (technology - YAY!)
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I refuse to look at the camera b/c every time I do I have these weird forehead lines which come from raising my eyebrows as if to say "Here is my red poofy hair! I am not convinced!" and those big forehead lines make me think I need botox at 28. I will FREEZE MY FACE in FEAR OF FOREHEAD LINES! Also, my hair looks REALLY RED there and it is Not That Red, but the light in here is dim, so whatever. In conclusion - Hair = poofy and kind of red.

Lastly, yesterday was Kristin's birthday and since I was not at work (praise the Lord) I didn't get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN! She is also known as DJ Ortho, and also known as Mofo (but only in the nicest possible way) and I lurve her. She turned 25 and now she is Old Like Me! She cracks me up on a regular basis and makes me think that our weird since of humor must be biological because while she is my dear darling friend, she is also my little cousin. She is The Cousin For ME! Literally! Anyway, I hope she has a most excellent year and has Too Much Fun because she deserves it.

Maybe I will do some work now. I leave you with one last pho(ne)to that I tried to be artsy with while walking around JP.

It's fall. I'm sad.
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because I said so