Thursday, October 28, 2004

And the city says YIPPIE!

So, I am not really a fan of baseball, fare weather or otherwise, but if you live in Boston, then you feel it. You know what it means.

Today I am happy for all the people who have RABIDLY waited for this FOR YEARS and YEARS and even ENTIRE LIFETIMES, only to see it not come through, and have their hearts broken again and again. I am so happy for my mommy to have seen them won (not to mention beating Those Damn Yankees) and for people who just KEPT ON BELIEVING. I feel for them. Seeing them SO HAPPY makes me happy and while I don't personally take much stock in sports or that whole world, I know it can rally people and bring them together and that is lovely.

I know how much people WANTED it and so for them, I am thrilled.

because I said so