Friday, September 10, 2004


Last night I had a dream that I was in a big room with a bunch of people I knew. Actually, it wasn't a room so much as an open space. Maybe it was like a camp or a field or something? I had a stereo and the speakers were all broken. The wires were exposed and everything was falling apart. I was trying to put it back together when I realized it was all chewed up and Elroy had done it. My cat chewed my speaker wires. Damn.

The Empty Box was there. He was talking about his wife and their pool. Or something. I can't remember. But what was he doing there? He does not belong in my subconscious! Out, damned spot! Out!

I think Mug was there too. And Mereubu and Rampant Bob showed up. Mereubu was teeny like a small Asian woman. She gave me a bitchy hello and wouldn't hug me. I said "it's because you are a Virgo". What? I am crazy in my subconscious.

Suddenly my dream morphed into my hanging out with the cast of Friends. I was in a hottub with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. It wasn't sexy though. It was a GIANT hottub. Lots of people were there too. Some greasy old man was trying to get up in Jen's grille. I told him "step off, yo." I am protective of Jennifer. I know how jealous Brad can get. Or something. We talked about our jobs and what they are doing now. How they miss their day to day routine.

Finally I was in a room with Matt LeBlanc and I think Jennifer Aniston was there too. He was tired from doing new episodes of Joey. He was doing situps. He picked me up to crack my back and he was telling us about how his baby had died, but it was in the third person and he wasn't really sad about it. Somehow it all led back to the speaker wires and Elroy.

I don't know. I am crazy. It's obvious. And my subconscious is a weird wild place.

I need a nap.

because I said so