Thursday, September 09, 2004

three years ago

Three years ago today I was at the JP World's Fair. It was a hot, sunny day and I remember so many things about it.

Annie and Lucie were almost 2 then, running around in their sun hats and white Platoosa tank tops. I was sitting on the curb, listening to music, watching them go back and forth showing each other leaves and sticks and dogs. Annie decided she wanted to have her lips smooshed together all day and walked around looking like a little prune.

I have pictures of Lucie taking Delaine's sunglasses off over and over again, and cracking up every time. Redundancy is very funny when you are almost two years old. I have a photo in my cube above the computer I am writing this on of me and Lucie hugging fiercely on that day. We are a mass of hair, and chubb, and smiles.

At one point, back on the curb, Ned appeared and he and I walked through the mass of people, and kids, and dogs to hear Lovewhip playing. Past one of those crazy jumping things where kids go in with out shoes and jump until they feel sick, and vendors selling cotton candy and giant pretzels.

Babaloo played and I sat with Heather and Jennifer and ate lemon ices. Afterwards we all went to the Behan, and Bob showed up to tell me about Sarah moving to Somerville and the dramas of unpacking.

For dinner, Alex and John had a barbecue with Martine and all the kids. We all drew on the driveway and garage with chalk. I wrote my name. Bob drew a drum kit. Alex showed us pictures of her with Elvis Costello.

It was a hot end of summer day. It was fun. It was lovely.

Two days later, I got up and watched a plane crash into a building live on TV. And everything changed.

Now I can't think of 9/11/01 without thinking about 9/9/01. A happy day, full of people I love. Just a peaceful sunny day.

In another world.

because I said so