Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Sarah rocks my world.

She’s a brilliant person, a beautiful girl, a music lover, a wife and a mommy. Not necessarily in that order. All things are equal with Sarah.

She is a Virgo, she's a silly woman. She always has the Right On observation. She is smart, smart, smart.

Sarah has the best insults. She invented Motard, and Fucktard, and others about our President Lunkhead which are sadly escaping me now.

Sarah loves her sister. She misses her a lot. Sarah needs more grown up friends. Sarah calls cute boys “cup cakes”. Sarah gave Frank Black a book and talked to him for awhile. He was short, y’all.

Sarah has Rampant Bob. He’s a Graduation Chicken. You should see the video, cause it is classic. They are perfectly matched and that makes me happy.

They made Zelda. She’s their Science Girl. She loves dinosaurs and movies and making art. She is famous for “the herd is sleeping uneasy. Without their dominant female, they will not survive”, among other things.

Sarah sends me presents. Music that I need. Cards that include dirty pictures found in nature. She writes “how could they not KNOW?” and sends Elroy her love.

Sarah is one of my best friends, and I have never been in the same room as her.

Today is Sarah’s birthday. I wish so much that I was there with her to have a beer and watch Stuart Saves His Family! But I am there in spirit, bowing down at her feet.

Sarah is worthy of that, and so much more.


Andy has always lived in Edinburgh. I found him on the Frank Black board, or did he find me? He sent me a e-card of Billy Bragg, two years ago. I talk to him every day.

Andy is a dad. Andy has three kids! Andy finally has his boy. He’s a “mean teaser”, and his girls tease back. He loves it.

He loves music. He loves Frank Black. He talked to McDave in his silly flat cap. He embarrassed himself at a Chuck Prophet show. It’s a good story.

Andy tells good stories.

Andy is smart. He may suffer from Bell’s Palsy. His emails are the highlight of my day.

Andy has a funny wife. She won me over telling me she would spit a drink in my face. You may have had to be there. I said I liked “angry humor”. She said “that’s why you like Andy!”

Andy is generous. He sends me emails when I am blue. I visited him for four days and never once paid for a thing. His daughter called me “Amalie” and wanted to know my “short name”. Andy asked her not to poke me in the face.

Andy gets annoyed. Andy is tired. Andy is hysterical.

I feel lucky to have met him. Sometimes things work out just the way they should.

Andy is my friend.

because I said so