Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I thought she was a snob.

She never said a word to me until Halloween. She was dressed as a Powerpuff girl. She made the costumes. She was so cute. So pretty. So talented. She was like the fabulous girl in the window who you look at, but you aren’t friends with. She’s too amazing and elusive for you – she doesn’t need more friends.

The Procrastination Chair forged our friendship. I would sit at her cube and play with her Barbie doll collection. Please don’t get her anymore Barbies, she doesn’t need them.

She talked about her “ex” a lot. I thought she meant an old boyfriend. One day, I somehow realized “X” was her husband. She was married! She had a husband! It was shocking and amazing. I wanted to know everything about her.

She told the story about the woods and the whipcream. The woman on the horse. I laughed so hard, I cried.

Pinky is “pinky” b/c she wore a pink fleece. She liked Barbie. I got her a Barbie calendar and that was it. She loved me too.

Pinky moved to New York. Pinky loves chocolate, and her kitty, and the spaceship noise. She cracks me up. She listens to me cry. She believes me when I say he might be The One. She wants to "krush him with the kar". Pinky will do anything for her family. Sometimes they don't appreciate everything she does. They should throw parades in her honor! But she knows, that's just how it is.

Pinky is a princess.

Pinky found her match. Pinky knows what she wants. She gives me hope.

because I said so