Tuesday, September 07, 2004

getting my yayas out

Just spent a good 20 minutes procrastinating and reading the web site for the new season of America’s Next Top Model which premieres Septmber 22nd. Oh, happy day!

Anyway, there are bios of each “model”. Here are my thoughts.

Eva. Her favorite movie is Crooklyn.

What? What does that even mean? Oh, and her favorite magazine is Jungle.


Jennipher. Um. Please. Learn how to spell your name. Just cause you spell it with a crazy bizarre P (which….well. No. Just NO) it doesn’t mean you are different and/or interesting. It’s only a P. I doesn’t stand for (or substitute for) “personality”.

Julie. Her favorite movies are Spaceballs, The Three Amigos and Someone Like You. The Three Amigos is funny, but Your Favorite Movie? Oy. And I think she is the only person to even have SEEN Someone Like You. That’s the one with Greg Kinnar, right? Anyone? Spaceballs? Not. Even. Going. There. Also, in the thumbnail she is wearing what appears to be a curtain or a bedspread knotted on her head. I think it is suppose to say “Ethnic”. Instead it says “This Is Not a Hat”.

Kristi’s favorite food is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Does it even matter what color it is when you see it in reverse? Also, her OTHER says she wore an American flag dress to her prom. Oh. My.

Nicoles occupation is “former punk rocker”. Well….ummm…what?

Yaya. Her name is YAYA. She’s probably already heard every joke about “getting them out” etc.

Can’t wait for the 22nd! Bring the drama.

because I said so