Tuesday, September 07, 2004

and I don't wanna die...I just wanna ride on my motor-cye-cle

Can someone explain these stupid mini-motorcycles to me?

What is the point? Are they suppposed to look anything other than COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS?!? Walking to get coffee the other day and this doofus on his retarded tiny bike almost ran over my ankles as I crossed the street. Then, as he pulled away he popped some truly pathetic (and hysterical) wheelies. Um, okay. Am I supposed to be impressed? Cause, really, it just makes me want to laugh.

Does it mean something like, I am so comfortable with my manliness that I can ride this TEENY bike and not be intimidated and embarrassed?

I guess, because they are so stupid, that also makes them kind of awesome. But still, I just don't understand.

because I said so