Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Alex puts things in perspective. She’s the one I call in the worst moments. She’s smart, and clever. She makes me feel better.

Alex is a mom. She made an awesome brilliant person who is all the best parts of her – in a smaller package.

Alex loves music. And beer. And silly movies. We can watch TV for hours together and never be bored. We can lay around and do nothing and have the best time.

Alex is a spaz. She’s a crack up. She sarcastic and prickly and awesome.

I’ve known Alex since I was 10 or 11 years old. I thought she was a fun grown up. Now I know she’s an amazing friend.

Alex thinks I’m smart. And a good writer. She doesn’t understand what is wrong with that boy. She once almost ran him over, to make me laugh. She cornered him in a bar and told him I was great. Alex goes out on a limb.

Alex needs someone awesome. Alex is busy. She’s tired. She’s happy.

Alex is getting the life she deserves.

because I said so