Tuesday, August 31, 2004

what's slang to me and Mug

Miss Mug's defintions:

Cheetos: Sex, sexual satisfaction. Mmm, yummy. Come on, you know you want some! As in, "If I don't get some Cheetos soon I'm pretty sure I will perish," or "I was in this stupid meeting and that cute guy was making a presentation, and I was all trying to pay attention and takes notes and stuff, but all I could think was mmmm...Cheetos."

Stuff: Tender bodily region. That whole area, you know, down there. Used for men or women, cause, well, it's complicated, no? Examples: "Ugh. My stuff hurts. And not for the right reason." Or, "Jesus, I just wanted to kick him right in the stuff."

And a third one I couldn't even try to explain (but which comes from Mug's metaphor for The Motard):

Furla with a pen mark: Devastatingly desirable love interest who is tragically and irrevocably fucked up. Comes from the horrible experience of finding an orgasmically amazing Furla purse at Filene's basement that happens to have a big fat ballpoint pen mark across it. You look and you look just hoping the penmark will not be there, cause it's the only purse of its kind in the bin, and it's beautiful, but still, it's ruined, and why should you have to get something that is ruined? The Furla-with-a-penmark love interest is just like that-- you want and want that big horrible flaw to not matter, but it just keeps on mattering. You wish it didn't, oh how you wish, but it does, no matter how much you look, or how much you think about it.

because I said so