Wednesday, August 04, 2004

crazy hazy days

Of you know... summer.

I am gettng ready to go on vacation in a day and a half. Today Crazy Boss (otherwise known as "Global Crackerhead of My Ass"/GCMA for short) told me he was "buried" and could I please order him references in the next few days. A) he knows this is something EVERY OTHER PERSON in the company does FOR THEMSELVES. B) he knows I am leaving in a DAY AND A HALF. I also support 7 other people. Get in line, Dr. Crackerhead. He has no clue. I told him mulitiple times I would not be able to get to it, especially if he wanted me to make files for the 20 folders he also says are "urgent". I have some 12 hours left here and I am posting on my blog. He doesn't scare me! I fear no one! Except God, and Jessica Simpson. What is up with her cleft chin? Is she a man in drag? Hmm.

I am very much enjoying the promo to this movie lately. It's so lovely. I hope the film measures up. And while I am at it, Scrubs is the most underrated show on TV. I know you know that. Mr. Braff has his very own blog too. Groovy.

Hopefully I'll be back posting again before I leave at The Crack on Friday AM. My mom is here now - already being her lovely self with silly stories, misplaced directions, and coughing fits. If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

If I don't get back before I leave, then I am gone until August 16th. Enjoy the heat. Drink water, enjoy iced coffee, have some margaritas. Think of me laying on a dock by a hot lake, blaring some Franz Ferdinand...


because I said so