Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Things that freak me right out

Last night I was having a lot of trouble going to sleep - as also noted on the Boston Metblog (http://boston.metblogs.com/). I was thinking of things that freak me out and I couldn't stop.

Do you ever get stuck? You are telling yourself "think of something HAPPY!" and then the freakiest part of The Sixth Sense (you know, where the woman in the robe is walking down the hall? And then he goes to find her in the kitchen? And she turns around and she's DEAD and ALL BLOODY!?! And AHHH! and EEEWW!) pops in your head and you can't make it get out. Or, you're afraid to get up and go to the bathroom b/c the freaky monster from The Twilight Zone (the Shadow Man Who Lives Under the Bed) might reach out and grab your ankles and pull you under? Or you finally DO get up and go to the bathroom and when you are coming out you see a weird light pattern which makes you sure it is Scary McRapist coming to kill and murder you!?! Eh, it's the worst.

Currently freaking me out is the preview for The Village (thanks, M. Night Shamalan! You currently freak me out in many fabulous ways!) and I am not sure why. Maybe it is William Hurts freaky modulated voice in the preview ("we have always had an uneasy truce with the creatures who live in the woods". Man, spooky.) or the way Joaquin Phoenix runs around all antsy with the blind daughter of Ron Howard. Also, Adrian Brody? Why is your hair that weird fugly red? Please dye it back. Thank you. Love, Emily.

I guess it is the classic scary thing where you are most afraid of The Things You Don't See. Mr. Shamalan is particularly good at that, his movies aren't generally gory (although I didn't see that alien one b/c of my extreme aversion to the Gibson, so I have no idea if that was a fan of the gore) it is all implied scariness and then your imagination starts going and fuggitaboutit. The creepiest part of Unbreakable is when Bruce Willis is seeing into the darker areas of people and that extremely freaky dude asks the man at the door (in a majorly skeevy high voice which makes my skin crawl) "Can I come in? I like your house." Man. Yikes. I guess because there is an element of REAL terror and spookiness (see above re: Scary McRapist) - it just irks me right out.

So, last night I am lying in bed thinking about Scary McRapist, and the creatures in the woods, and all of the sudden I start hearing The Very Loud Banging. Something like thunder crossed with fireworks plus a dash of gunfire thrown in for good measure. Bump. Bam bam BAM! Then I heard footsteps RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. Slow and modulated (Mr. Hurt?) and then, nothing. Did he stop outside my window? Is it my turn to dance with the Shadow Man? I don't wanna! I know I said I want a boyfriend but not the Shadow Man! The way the windows are in my house, I have to crawl UP on my bed to see out of them - and that is the last thing you want to do when scared. Stand on your bed, as if to say "here I am, evil killer! Over here! No, RIGHT HERE!" Eeek. Finally I jumped up and slammed the window closed and then fell back down onto my bed to pull the covers over my head. Finally, The Very Loud Banging seemed further away (and maybe it was just terrorists, visiting for the DNC) and I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, I could hardly remember what I was so worked up over. Sometimes, it all seems worse in the dark.

Mr. Hurt?

because I said so