Saturday, July 31, 2004

once in a blue moon

Nothing specific to say today, except I slept until 11:30 for the second Saturday in a row. That seems to be the day I am able to get the most sleep for whatever reason. And there was that strecth in late June early July when I got up early every Saturday. First it was the long trip to IKEA, then the trip to Maine for the 4th, and there was something else which I am apprently blocking out.

I woke up to the online news that Nicolas Cage married his 19 year old waitress girlfriend. Well, good for him! What 40 year old doesn't want to marry someone who is 19? Like they say in BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, as long as they can cut their own meat, they're fair game.

Hey, do you remember when Nic Cage was cool? Before he started wearing the crazy leather jackets and dying his hair that truly hideous black? You're not fooling us, Nic, we know you have thin gray hair! I think he was in a movie I might have even liked once. Face Off? Um, no. That one on the airplane full of criminals? Eh, that wasn't it. Well... I'll keep thinking about it.

Tonight is a blue moon. The second full moon in a month, it's rare. Second full moon of my birthday month. I will never see July 2004 again. As of that blue moon, it's done. It's so strange how time is so final. Man, what a stoner kind of thought, huh?

Think I will go see these girls and their brother today. Next week I leave on vacation for 10 days and when I come back August will be half over. Where does it all go? Guess we just have to hang on, and enjoy the ride.


because I said so