Friday, July 30, 2004

No place like home

Pamie mentioned today that she has moved something like 25 times, and I wondered how many places I have lived and if I could list them all. Which means another list! Contain your joy.

  • The Small White House in East Middlebury Vermont. My parents lived here before I was born and I think we were there until I was about 1 and a 1/2. I know I turned 1 year old here. The

  • Fort, South Burlington, VT. I am not sure exactly what made us live here b/c I don't think my dad was still actively in the army. I think he was going to UVM at this point, and my mom worked at the hospital, but I am not sure. I was only 2 years old, so it's kind of a blur.

  • Main Street apartment above the photo store, Middlebury, VT. When my parents seperated, my mom and I moved here. It was a small place and my first memories of life are here. I remember the goldfish in my room and how I used to take them out of the bowl and look at them and then put them back in the water. Again and again. My mom says "no wonder they never lived long". I think I just wanted to see them, and figure them out. Also, this apartment looked out over the river and falls that run through Middlebury. The fire escape consisted of a rope which was bolted to the radiator. My mom says she still wonders what she would have done in a fire with her three year old daughter clinging to her back, as she swung out over the falls.

  • North Pleasant Street House, Middlebury, VT. We moved in with Jim and Brenda, old friends of my parents. I turned 5 in this house and there is a lot I remember about it. The garden there, Jim pushing me around in the wheelbarrow, the cardboard playhouse I had in my room, ants in the honey pot, the carpet in the living room. The whole layout of the house. While we lived with them, Jim and Brenda also had their first child, Mariah. I remember making her tiny baby hats in day care and playing with her like a living doll. It was my first long term interaction with a baby. That baby turns 24 in a couple months.

  • The "shack" on Exchange Street, Middlebury, VT. I am losing track of the time lines of how long we lived where, but I know I turned 7 years old in this house. I also could have turned 6 but I don't remember that birthday at all. This house had the swing on the side, which I spent a lot of time on. Until my mom sat on it once and the rotted T beam fell down on her shoulders. My gramma called it a "shack" and we still laugh about that.

  • House on Court Street, Middlebury, VT. This was a nice house. Big and white and airy. We had the back half and one side, and an older couple lived in the front. I remember the big tree in the back yard and the long porch. I used to play with my mom's jewlery here and I lost her engagement ring, which was later found in the flower bed. My friend Leah and I put on many "shows" in the living room, which mostly consisted of us arguing about "the routine".

  • Apartment building, Salem, MA. We moved to Salem from Vermont and I hated it. I did not like that apartment at all and it still makes me sad to think about it. The best parts of that time where my babysitter Lauren and her boyfriend, London. He had a golden retriever who's name I can't rememebr. I remember them bringing me outside to their car on my 9th birthday and giving me a Cabbage Patch kid. I still have it. My mom told me later that they both did a lot of coke, but I never knew that. And, hey, it was the 80's.

  • House in Glocester, MA. This was a lovely house on the ocean, big and pink. There were like 5 bedrooms and I used to change rooms fairly often. I remember sleeping in two different ones particularly. It was a winter rental so we were only there for 1/2 a year.

  • House in Lainsville, MA. This was a glorified beach house, with horrible plumbing. I slept in what I decided was a loft above my room. Really it was more like a crawl space/attic and it was incredibly hot and stuffy. I can conjure up the smell of dust (and possibly asbestos) by just thinking about it.

  • Apartment above the travel agency in Shelburne, VT. We went back to Vermont and lived in this place for 2 or 3 years. I was 11 when we first moved there. The first things I think of I are the cats we got when we lived here. Abby and her daughter, Miss Elvis. They lived to be 13 and 14. Abby just died last year.

  • House in Charlotte, VT. This was a very old farm house that we moved into for the winter. It was drafty like a barn and heated with oil. But it had a nice back patio that looked over the mountains. Another house with a lot of bedrooms. I traded back and forth between two. In my Huge Main Bedroom (I really AM a princess) I could have sleepovers with five friends, everyone laying on the floor like sardines.

  • Condo in Hinesburg, VT. When I was 16 my mom was able to buy a two bedroom condo in Hinesburg, right by my high school. And that is where she is still living some 12 years later. I have moved four (or five?) times since then. I'll save that for later, along with the other houses where I lived with my dad.

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